Aerial Perspective

Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Front Elevation (Fold-Out)

Rear Elevation (Fold-Out)

Main Building Elevation and Section

Processing Room Cross-Section


The above drawings are a select few from my thesis project during my fifth year at the University of Notre Dame. My proposal was for a winery on eastern Long Island where I have grown up my entire life.

My overall aim was to help encourage the growing viticulture industry and revitalize a once fruitful agricultural site on Long Island. The design was inspired by both my classical training, and the post-modernism that ensued in the 80's and 90's, most particularly that of Robert Venturi and his playful work with the shingle style.

Wine is like any form of art or craft where there are both traditional and modern growing, aging, and blending methods. Thus it was my hope to remind those of a historic architecture that explains why this area is so unique and beautiful through its historically agricultural land.

‘Through the 1960s the character of the farms dominated the South Fork landscape. The sky met the land in a dramatic way, interrupted only by profiles that seemed comfortable on the horizon – agricultural buildings or groves of vegetation. The vernacular of the local buildings and the rhythm of the landscape seemed to call for simple sloped roofs and shingles.’ – Norman Jaffe


University of Notre Dame – 5th Year


Spring 2013